The Right Eyebrow Arch for Different Face Shapes

The Right Eyebrow Arch for Different Face Shapes

Getting the perfect arch for the eyebrows is no hard task when you know what suits the best on your pretty face. Generally we go on a feeling that what is done in a parlour to our eyebrows is almost near perfection. Well most of the times, it is the case unless the parlour woman has had a bad day. The aftermath is badly trimmed eyebrows.

Leave behind the woes. Next time you decide to trim/tweeze/thread your eyebrows at the parlour, remember the basics;

  • Oval Face – Thick and dark angular arches leading its way to the temples can give the face altogether a renewed look

    Oval Face

    Long Face – Always remember to keep the length of your eyebrows high, but don’t make it so thin

    Long Face

  • Square Face – Well groomed, thick above the eye lids, gradually thinning its way to the ends can make the square face look aww-so-pretty

    Square Face

    Round Face – Get it going nice with sharp angles. It suits best for round shaped face

    Round Face

  • Heart Face – You can try keeping the ends extended and pointed out a little bit.

    Heart Face

Now isn’t it simple to know which eyebrow shape suits you the best? Yes, you now know how to nail it. Get your eyebrows done according to your face shape within the comfort of your home.

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