Shopping Tips to Choose The Right Kind of Lipsticks

Shopping Tips to Choose The Right Kind of Lipsticks

Choosing the right kind of lipstick is as important as picking the perfect, well-stitched dress to wear with it. Yes, a wrong shade of lipstick colour can make it look horrible, given the day, occasion and tone of your skin. Time and again, in many of the beauty tutorials and make up experts round talk, the importance of right lipstick is stressed each and every time.

You spot a lip colour in shopping mall and your first impression about the colour is either always fresh and “haven’t tried before” thought. We must keep in mind that with the lighting effect set in shopping centres and certain bit of marketing strategies used to woo the customers go hand-in-hand in making the product likeable.

We must also ensure which colour suits our face the best. It is just about the basic rule. Dark shades blend well with fair-toned skin and the light colours go well with dark-skin. Going into the theory, let us look into the details of choosing lipsticks.

  • First and foremost, know the expiry date of a lipstick. This saves time and money in going for the next
  • Choose a lipstick that does not make your already thinned lips thinner. At the same time, anything that makes the lips look bulged artificially should be avoided
  • Try experimenting with lip shades as often. It makes you feel refreshed and you would like to see the new change in your appearance
  • Pink or other floral tones are rightly suited for fresh-faced looks. A beach party, kind of something
  • If you are concentrating on eye make up , for say, smokey eyed fashion, limit your efforts for lipsticks
  • Red lipstick is everyone’s favourite. There are different shades of red lipsticks. Go for maroon-red lipstick if you are wearing a light yellow dress and go for pure red lipsticks if you are wearing a black coloured outfit

Hope these tips benefit you in choosing the right shade of lipstick at the shopping centres. Happy shopping!

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