Nail Basics: Importance of a Base Coat & Top Coat!

Nail Basics: Importance of a Base Coat & Top Coat!

Polishing nails with unique colors speaks for a woman’s sense of beauty. You look incomplete if you do not wear a matching nail polish on a special day. With so many quality brands in unusual shades available in the market, it is not a problem for you to choose the right one and polish your nail to add to your dressing.

Top 4 reasons for using a base coat

  • You enjoy the benefit of manicure for a longer period of time. Your polish remains chip free and it stays so for a week.
  • It gives a smooth surface to your polished nail. You do not get the ridges on the nails and your polish does not get streaky also.
  • Dark colors will not stain your nail beds with the application of base coat. You will also avoid yellow nails following the use of dark colors.
  • Base coat acts as a barrier between your nails and the polish loaded with chemicals. Further, many of the base coats are enriched with vitamins and proteins to help you retain the health and strength of your nails.

Why to use top coat?

Using a regular clear polish after your base enhances the shine of your nails. A top coat is required for avoiding chipping of the nails and it improves the glossy shine of your nails. Some top coats have quick drying properties to enable designs like finger prints, lines, dents in your polish.

So, both base coat and top coat are indispensable when you apply polish to your nails. Look marvelous in colors that stay for long with base and top coats – the 2 important steps not to be missed in your manicure.

Look splendid with nails shining with a gloss, smooth surface and healthy look with the application of base and top coats.

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