Kitchen Beauty Tips for a Blemish Free Skin and Soft Feet

Kitchen Beauty Tips for a Blemish Free Skin and Soft Feet

We often wonder how celebrities have amazing skin all the time. Each one of us is blessed with good skin. We must remember that acquiring great skin is relied on our genes and beyond which it all depends on how well we maintain it. When it comes to flawless and natural beauty, nothing else can take the front seat except filling your beauty box with kitchen goodies.

Yes. You really don’t have to go expensive ways in getting the best skin so far on planet earth. All you need to do is ride the kitchen. It is the place where you can find solutions to multiple skin problems.

Our skin is often spoiled and taken a toll due to external factors like air, pollution, smoke and sun. And sometimes the harsh chemicals used in beauty products damage our skin to a large extent.

Here are a few simple home remedies suggested to have flawless and beautiful skin;

  • Mix half a spoon of lime with an equal quantity of water. Wash your face first in the morning with it
  • For soft and glowing skin, mix a spoon of lime juice with another spoon of honey. Apply it on the face. Leave for 5 minutes and wash
  • There is nothing as magical as a garlic. Cut garlic into pieces and extract the juice. Apply the juice on acne-prone skin. You would start seeing the difference in just few days. Don’t forget to wash the face after the treatment. Garlic might cause a little irritation on the face. If irritation persists, stop using it.
  • Neem and neem based products are boon to the world of beauty. Apply neem oil and massage on the skin in circular motion. Remove the oil stain from the face after 5 minutes. Neem helps in fighting bacteria
    Neem Oil Massage
  • Tomato is a wonder food and an amazing anti-tan solution. Cut tomatoes into halves and rub one part of the fruit on face. Refrigerate the other half and use it again in the night
    Tomato for glow skin
  • Mix besan of half a spoon with an equal quantity of curd. Scrub the mixture well on the face for 2 minutes and wash
    Besan for Face Glow

There you go ladies! Get the flawless look and shine high everyday.

Not many of us give the same attention to our feet like any other body part. More often so, even while moisturizing the skin, we tend to ignore the feet. Thus skin around the feet become calloused, dry and appears to be pale. Sometimes wearing a new shoe causes the bite and makes it a painful experience to walk.

One can easily evade the problem areas of feet if additional attention is given towards them. Every one of us long to have beautiful, soft and supple feet. With little effort that go in taking care of the feet, then there is no denial that you have the best foot forward to walk.

Walk like a princess and flaunt beautiful feet with these kitchen based remedies;

  • Apply coconut oil on the feet and wear socks to cover them before you hit the bed. This retains the moisture and you wake up looking at beautiful, smooth feet
  • Take 2 spoons of sea salt and immerse it in a tub, half filled with lukewarm water. This remedy helps in cleaning away the dead skin and particles
  • Olive oil mixed with coarse sugar acts a great exfoliator for the delicate foot skin
  • Take a spoon of glycerine and mix it well with half a spoon of lime juice. This helps in brightening the feet area
  • May not be found in kitchen, but always make it a point to apply sunscreen on feet before you step out
  • The combination of coconut oil and lemon juice does wonders to the feet. Apply the mixture thrice every week and start seeing the difference eventually

Take care of your feet. Happy walking!

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