How not have a single bad hair day – It is easy & simple!

How not have a single bad hair day – It is easy & simple!

“When my hair looks good: 3% at Work, 7% at home, 90% – right before I’m about to shower” – Says a tumblr post.

Looking at this undeniable post, one would wonder how this makes so much sense and yes there is no short cut to have a great looking hair all the day, all the time, unless you invest in a little bit of care on a daily basis.

No expensive treatment is required for a celeb-like hair, trust me, it is easy and simple. All you need to get a lustrous & healthy looking hair:

  1. Always wash your hair in cool water, and that is how Deepika Padukone looks stunning in each frame of a Photoshoot
  2. Once a week, Massage your hair with lukewarm coconut/almond/olive oil to make the dry ends go invisible as fast as possible. And boom! Beautiful hair in minutes!
  3. Never wear the hair band so tight as it leads to rapid hair fall before you actually start noticing it
  4. The right kind of Shampoo and Conditioner is a prerequisite to have healthy looking hair. Consult a dermatologist and start using the right products on your hair
  5. Hurray! A DIY tip. Make a concoction of mashed banana (a tea-spoon), honey (half-a-spoon). Mix them well. Apply the paste on every shaft of your hair. Leave for 15 minutes and wash them right away
  6. Avoid sun as much as possible. During the afternoons, wear a scarf on your head and tie it. Or carry an umbrella as you go on the road
  7. Wash the comb every weekend, so that your hair doesn’t capture unwanted particles

So yes ladies, now isn’t it a great and easy deal to have a gorgeous looking hair? Embrace yourself, walk like a queen with that crown on top of your head.

Now there is no question of a single bad hair day. Hope you got the answers.

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