Everything You Need To Know About Hair Treatments!

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Treatments!

Your hair is your identity and you need to pamper your hair for looking splendid in any costume. Your hair may be short, long, medium, straight or curly but you should deem it your primary responsibility to nourish it for your stunning looks.

How to treat your hair?

#Tip 1:

It is a very common problem to find your hair dry and without shine. You may have split ends as well.  Choose a moisturizer that has olive oil, Shea butter, glycerin or sorbitol. Avoid shampoos with petrolatum and mineral oil which prevent outside moisture from entering the hair.

#Tip 2:

You need not shampoo your hair every day. Use conditioner the next day on wet hair. When you shampoo, take the desired quantity and massage it on to your wet hair and once it lathers, work your way down from the scalp through the length of every strand.

#Tip 3:

If you are addicted to salon hair coloring, make sure that the color remains close to the natural color of your hair. Too many chemicals will make your hair go dull and frizzy.

#Tip 4:

Blow dryers, cutting irons and flat irons cause damage to your hair. Use a heat styling cream to protect your hair from them.

#Tip 5:

Eat plenty of salmon, avocado and olive oil to nourish hair. These foods provide you with fatty acids which are full of natural oils to moisturize your hair.

#Tip 6:

If you go in for keratin treatment, it is better to check with a dermatologist for psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis before taking it.

#Tip 7:

Do in-salon hair smoothing treatment three times a year. Otherwise your hair becomes very brittle and is prone to breakage.

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