Does Yoga Really Improve Life?

Does Yoga Really Improve Life?

Every woman loves to have that translucent skin glowing with vitality! It’s difficult but not unachievable! Inculcate Yoga into your routine and you can see the difference for yourself within a month. It’s not a false promise, but it’s a facet of truth which is better than the costliest of skin treatments!

Let’s first understand how Yoga works. Your body is a breathing system that often gets clogged due to chronic stress, pollution, wrong food habits and natural ageing. The result is a body with respiratory problems, digestive disorders and wrinkling skin. By practicing yoga daily and devotedly, you can realign your system to increase blood circulation, alleviate tension and naturally detoxify your body. Breathing properly itself is the first step that oxygenates the organs in your body, thereby releasing tension and dangerous toxins from the mind and skin. The results over a long term are visible in a face that radiates a glow and a body that stays fit and toned.

Not just physical cleansing, yoga is known to be very beneficial to emotional cleansing. It is a proven mood elevator and keeps stress and anxiety at bay. As your body is relaxed, the mind is on an elevated plane, which leads to happier emotions overall! Combine your yoga sessions with healthy eating, regular drinking of water and exfoliating massages – you’ll see the difference! B’ Glam wishes everyone a happy and healthy International Day of Yoga.

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