Your hair is your identity and you need to pamper your hair for looking splendid in any costume. Your hair may be short, long, medium, straight or curly but you should deem it your primary responsibility to nourish it for your stunning looks. How to treat your hair? #Tip 1: It is a very common … Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Hair Treatments!

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Weddings are joyous occasions; they denote a celebration of a commitment between two souls. Sounds clichéd? All of this is oh so true and yet let’s face it, for the bride a wedding is a monumental occasion and with it comes its jitters, stress and a multitude of other worries. Being high strung can cause … Continue reading 5 Pre Bridal beauty tips for the bride to be

Saris are an integral part of our culture and worn for almost every occasion! It is an exquisitely beautiful outfit that is available in so many different fabrics, prints and shades. From office wear, formal wear, everyday wear to party wear and festive occasions, there are multitudes of varieties that one can choose from. Not … Continue reading 10 Hacks for Sari Draping that every girl should know!

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