Areas of Skin we forget to take care as much as we do to our face

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle” – Says the famous dermatologist, Erno Laszlo.

When we talk about taking care of skin, we tend to focus more on the face and ignore to notice the other important areas of our skin – Elbows, Neck and Knees.

Little that we know that these are prone to dried, damaged and flaky texture on top. As the tissues underlying these areas require a slightly different treatment than the rest of our body, we really have to start giving more attention to them than before.

You can get started with the following tips to have an equally healthy and soft – Elbows, Neck and Knees;

  • Elbow

    Dark elbows and knees are most of our concern. Well, you can get the orange powder (1 tablespoon) and lemon juice (Half-a-spoon) squeezed on to make a paste. Add some little water to get the creamy texture. Massage it in circular motion for about 2-3 minutes and wash

  • Neck

    The top secret kitchen ingredient is here! Sesame oil, or otherwise the popularly known Gingelly oil is a go-to-get remedy for harsh, wrinkled and dark neck, especially on the back. Make sure you erase those embarrassing lines by giving yourself a good massage with the oil. Do it thrice a week. But always massage in upward motion. Yes, point to be noted!

  • Knees

    Here is another easy one! Take a table spoon of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, an half-a-spoon of lemon juice, mixed well with a spoon of curd. Apply the paste on elbows and knees, scrub it well and wash. Tadaa..beautiful skin, there you get! You can do this twice a week

  • Knees and Elbow

    And the final tip – Moisturize. A beautiful skin is hard to attain unless it is well moisturized. Use body lotions that contain Shea butter, honey or otherwise coconut milk

Apart from these, drink lots of water to have an overall great looking skin and thank us later.

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