8 Hair Secrets That Will Have You Set For Life!

8 Hair Secrets That Will Have You Set For Life!

Keeping your hair glossy and healthy is an easy job if you have your own little secrets for hair care. Not only does lustrous hair improve your looks by leaps and bounds, it also does make heads turn! Here are a few tips for you to follow and keep your hair glowing for the rest of your life.

#Tip 1: Pre shampooing with apple cider vinegar

It is a pre shampoo treatment for breaking up product residue. It can be used after shampooing also and it helps add to the shine of your hair.

#Tip 2: While shampooing touch from the roots to the mid shafts

When you rinse these parts, it will cleanse the rest also.

#Tip 3: Don’t use silicones, sulfates and alcohols

Silicones coat the hair and weigh it down as do alcohols while sulfates dry out hair! Don’t use any of these if you wish to have healthy and wholesome locks.

#Tip 4: Use honey

Yep! You heard us right! Honey is water soluble and thus wont’ make your hair messy. It moisturizes hair and has antibacterial properties that help in removing dandruff.

#Tip 5: Brush your hair from the bottom up twice a day

Brush your hair slowly and smoothly. Don’t tear through your locks and don’t ever brush hair when it is wet. You can gently comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Use different brushes for blow drying and styling- A round brush for blow drying and a Mason Pearson brush for styling. Don’t forget to keep your brushes clean as filthy brushes are the breeding place for bacteria; we don’t want that now, do we?

#Tip 6: Use castor oil and dry shampoo as hair spray

Using hair oil is good for maintaining oil production on the scalp. Coconut oil keeps the hair moisturized. Also use a drop of castor oil and dry shampoo as a kind of hair spray to keep your hair look fresh and glossy with a post shampooing feel. Hair spray is necessary for a great hair do.

#Tip 7: Using a T- shirt for wrapping after washing

A T- shirt used for wrapping after washing helps you avoid frizz and breakage. A T-shirt is light weight to soak up moisture and also squeeze excess water out of hair; whatever you do, don’t rub it dry!

#Tip 8: Right food for healthy hair

Greens and healthy food help you maintain shiny locks. You can even take some vitamins to make your hair strong.

You are now set for shiny, healthy and strong hair!

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