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5 Pre Bridal beauty tips for the bride to be

Weddings are joyous occasions; they denote a celebration of a commitment between two souls. Sounds clichéd? All of this is oh so true and yet let’s face it, for the bride a wedding is a monumental occasion and with it comes its jitters, stress and a multitude of other worries. Being high strung can cause acne on the skin and worry lines to creep up on the face both of which are not welcome in any sense! So, what then is a bride to do amidst all the stress? How then is she to maintain a glowing skin given the number of things she has to worry about? We do understand your predicament and we have here for you a collection of time tested simple beauty tips to be followed before your wedding to get that glowing skin; read on to learn more!

#1 Cleanse Tone and Moisturize (CTM)

If you don’t have a skin care regime, it is about time you followed one and cleansing, toning and moisturizing is something you would have to follow pretty religiously. Cleansing helps open the pores and help your face be dirt free. While open pores are necessary for the skin to breathe and be fresh, we need them toned and tightened to the appropriate level to ensure that you achieve your desired look. Moisturizing is simply to make your skin feel soft and supple.

#2 Get your face and hair pampered by professionals

We recommend that you get regular facials so that your skin is not only clean but also exfoliated and pampered to look radiant. Getting regular facials will keep blackheads and pimples at bay and make you look like the bride you should be! Hair is one aspect that gets neglected by many and it makes up for half your look. Getting a hair spa every month will help restore the lustre in your hair and also help you in case you have problems such as hair fall, sebum secretion in excess and dandruff.

#3 Grooming is very important

Yes ladies, we do mean hair removal. Removing unwanted hair regularly from your hands, legs, underarms and the bikini area can help you look well groomed. Also, getting it done just before your wedding may not be a good idea as doing it all of a sudden may cause rashes or cuts and we don’t want you to sport anything close to a rash or a cut on your D Day! We also recommend threading or tweezing your eyebrow area for getting those perfect arches.

#4 Eat well, exercise regularly and sleep

This may sound clichéd or even boring but you really need to do all of this religiously to look glowing. A properly balanced diet is essential for healthy skin and exercise and proper sleep can also help your appearance by leaps and bounds. In case you are stressed, meditate or jog or listen to music (whatever works for you) and manage your anxiety and tension. It is important to stay calm and happy to look truly beautiful and you can’t manage that without these!

#5 Remove your makeup before going to bed

Wash your face and remove makeup even when applied in a minimal fashion before going to bed. We also recommend that you follow the CTM procedure, brush your hair and hydrate yourself before hitting the sack.

Pedicures, manicures and massages too are important and incorporating all of these into your schedule can help you achieve the perfect look on your wedding day!

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