Everything You Need To Know About Hair Treatments!

Your hair is your identity and you need to pamper your hair for looking splendid in any costume. Your hair may be short, long, medium, straight or curly but you should deem it your primary responsibility to nourish it for your stunning looks.

How to treat your hair?

#Tip 1:

It is a very common problem to find your hair dry and without shine. You may have split ends as well.  Choose a moisturizer that has olive oil, Shea butter, glycerin or sorbitol. Avoid shampoos with petrolatum and mineral oil which prevent outside moisture from entering the hair.

#Tip 2:

You need not shampoo your hair every day. Use conditioner the next day on wet hair. When you shampoo, take the desired quantity and massage it on to your wet hair and once it lathers, work your way down from the scalp through the length of every strand.

#Tip 3:

If you are addicted to salon hair coloring, make sure that the color remains close to the natural color of your hair. Too many chemicals will make your hair go dull and frizzy.

#Tip 4:

Blow dryers, cutting irons and flat irons cause damage to your hair. Use a heat styling cream to protect your hair from them.

#Tip 5:

Eat plenty of salmon, avocado and olive oil to nourish hair. These foods provide you with fatty acids which are full of natural oils to moisturize your hair.

#Tip 6:

If you go in for keratin treatment, it is better to check with a dermatologist for psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis before taking it.

#Tip 7:

Do in-salon hair smoothing treatment three times a year. Otherwise your hair becomes very brittle and is prone to breakage.

Nail Basics: Importance of a Base Coat & Top Coat!

Polishing nails with unique colors speaks for a woman’s sense of beauty. You look incomplete if you do not wear a matching nail polish on a special day. With so many quality brands in unusual shades available in the market, it is not a problem for you to choose the right one and polish your nail to add to your dressing.

Top 4 reasons for using a base coat

  • You enjoy the benefit of manicure for a longer period of time. Your polish remains chip free and it stays so for a week.
  • It gives a smooth surface to your polished nail. You do not get the ridges on the nails and your polish does not get streaky also.
  • Dark colors will not stain your nail beds with the application of base coat. You will also avoid yellow nails following the use of dark colors.
  • Base coat acts as a barrier between your nails and the polish loaded with chemicals. Further, many of the base coats are enriched with vitamins and proteins to help you retain the health and strength of your nails.

Why to use top coat?

Using a regular clear polish after your base enhances the shine of your nails. A top coat is required for avoiding chipping of the nails and it improves the glossy shine of your nails. Some top coats have quick drying properties to enable designs like finger prints, lines, dents in your polish.

So, both base coat and top coat are indispensable when you apply polish to your nails. Look marvelous in colors that stay for long with base and top coats – the 2 important steps not to be missed in your manicure.

Look splendid with nails shining with a gloss, smooth surface and healthy look with the application of base and top coats.

Does Yoga Really Improve Life?

Every woman loves to have that translucent skin glowing with vitality! It’s difficult but not unachievable! Inculcate Yoga into your routine and you can see the difference for yourself within a month. It’s not a false promise, but it’s a facet of truth which is better than the costliest of skin treatments!

Let’s first understand how Yoga works. Your body is a breathing system that often gets clogged due to chronic stress, pollution, wrong food habits and natural ageing. The result is a body with respiratory problems, digestive disorders and wrinkling skin. By practicing yoga daily and devotedly, you can realign your system to increase blood circulation, alleviate tension and naturally detoxify your body. Breathing properly itself is the first step that oxygenates the organs in your body, thereby releasing tension and dangerous toxins from the mind and skin. The results over a long term are visible in a face that radiates a glow and a body that stays fit and toned.

Not just physical cleansing, yoga is known to be very beneficial to emotional cleansing. It is a proven mood elevator and keeps stress and anxiety at bay. As your body is relaxed, the mind is on an elevated plane, which leads to happier emotions overall! Combine your yoga sessions with healthy eating, regular drinking of water and exfoliating massages – you’ll see the difference! B’ Glam wishes everyone a happy and healthy International Day of Yoga.

7 Exercises for a Flat Stomach At Home!

A flat stomach is your dream but you find it only a dream amidst your busy schedules. When you target a specific area of your body like belly through simple exercises to do at home, you can blast your belly and tone it down to a shape. Here are 7 exercises to help you flatten your belly and look slim and help you fit into that dress you’ve been longing to wear!

1. Sit ups

Crunches or sit ups bring down your upper abdomen. Lie down, keep your feet on the floor and bend your knees over your feet. Lift your shoulders and upper back in the upward direction. Keep your face up looking towards the ceiling .Exhale as much as possible, hold for some time and then inhale.
Blog 3_Image 1

2. Crunch and Twist

Take the position as explained in the first exercise. Crunch and then slowly raise your body from the floor and twist your waist. Try to touch your left knee with right elbow, untwist and get back to the initial position. Do the same in the opposite direction. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
Blog 3_Image 2

3. Front Bridge exercise

This exercise strengthens your core muscles. Pull in your stomach and bring your body to a straight position without locking knees. Breathe continuously without holding it. Repeat the exercise twice or thrice.
Blog 3_Image 3

4. Lifting Hips

Lie on the floor, keeping arms by your sides and palms facing down. Keep your legs over your hips at 90 degrees. Lift your hips off the floor with the help of your core muscles and your legs reaching towards the ceiling. Return to the starting position and do the exercise for 15 times.

5. Crunch Chop

Lie on the floor with legs over your hips at 90 degrees and arms over head. Breathe deeply and when you exhale, lift your shoulders up and also lift your head off the floor. As you crunch up, open your legs so as to help your arms chop through your legs. Repeat this action for a minute.
Blog 3_Image 5

6. Leg Drop

Lie on the floor with legs over your hips at 90 degrees. Lower your legs slowly without touching the floor. Do not lift your lower back. Raise your legs to the starting position. Do it for 10 times.
Blog 3_Image 6

7. Side Plank

Lie on your right side with extended legs and with hips and feet lying on the floor on top of each other. Keep your right elbow directly under the shoulder, contract your core muscles and lift your hips and knees off the floor. Hold and return to the start. Do the other side.
Blog 3_Image 7

Start today and get washboard flat abs!

8 Hair Secrets That Will Have You Set For Life!

Keeping your hair glossy and healthy is an easy job if you have your own little secrets for hair care. Not only does lustrous hair improve your looks by leaps and bounds, it also does make heads turn! Here are a few tips for you to follow and keep your hair glowing for the rest of your life.

#Tip 1: Pre shampooing with apple cider vinegar

It is a pre shampoo treatment for breaking up product residue. It can be used after shampooing also and it helps add to the shine of your hair.

#Tip 2: While shampooing touch from the roots to the mid shafts

When you rinse these parts, it will cleanse the rest also.

#Tip 3: Don’t use silicones, sulfates and alcohols

Silicones coat the hair and weigh it down as do alcohols while sulfates dry out hair! Don’t use any of these if you wish to have healthy and wholesome locks.

#Tip 4: Use honey

Yep! You heard us right! Honey is water soluble and thus wont’ make your hair messy. It moisturizes hair and has antibacterial properties that help in removing dandruff.

#Tip 5: Brush your hair from the bottom up twice a day

Brush your hair slowly and smoothly. Don’t tear through your locks and don’t ever brush hair when it is wet. You can gently comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Use different brushes for blow drying and styling- A round brush for blow drying and a Mason Pearson brush for styling. Don’t forget to keep your brushes clean as filthy brushes are the breeding place for bacteria; we don’t want that now, do we?

#Tip 6: Use castor oil and dry shampoo as hair spray

Using hair oil is good for maintaining oil production on the scalp. Coconut oil keeps the hair moisturized. Also use a drop of castor oil and dry shampoo as a kind of hair spray to keep your hair look fresh and glossy with a post shampooing feel. Hair spray is necessary for a great hair do.

#Tip 7: Using a T- shirt for wrapping after washing

A T- shirt used for wrapping after washing helps you avoid frizz and breakage. A T-shirt is light weight to soak up moisture and also squeeze excess water out of hair; whatever you do, don’t rub it dry!

#Tip 8: Right food for healthy hair

Greens and healthy food help you maintain shiny locks. You can even take some vitamins to make your hair strong.

You are now set for shiny, healthy and strong hair!