5 Pre Bridal beauty tips for the bride to be

Weddings are joyous occasions; they denote a celebration of a commitment between two souls. Sounds clichéd? All of this is oh so true and yet let’s face it, for the bride a wedding is a monumental occasion and with it comes its jitters, stress and a multitude of other worries. Being high strung can cause acne on the skin and worry lines to creep up on the face both of which are not welcome in any sense! So, what then is a bride to do amidst all the stress? How then is she to maintain a glowing skin given the number of things she has to worry about? We do understand your predicament and we have here for you a collection of time tested simple beauty tips to be followed before your wedding to get that glowing skin; read on to learn more!

#1 Cleanse Tone and Moisturize (CTM)

If you don’t have a skin care regime, it is about time you followed one and cleansing, toning and moisturizing is something you would have to follow pretty religiously. Cleansing helps open the pores and help your face be dirt free. While open pores are necessary for the skin to breathe and be fresh, we need them toned and tightened to the appropriate level to ensure that you achieve your desired look. Moisturizing is simply to make your skin feel soft and supple.

#2 Get your face and hair pampered by professionals

We recommend that you get regular facials so that your skin is not only clean but also exfoliated and pampered to look radiant. Getting regular facials will keep blackheads and pimples at bay and make you look like the bride you should be! Hair is one aspect that gets neglected by many and it makes up for half your look. Getting a hair spa every month will help restore the lustre in your hair and also help you in case you have problems such as hair fall, sebum secretion in excess and dandruff.

#3 Grooming is very important

Yes ladies, we do mean hair removal. Removing unwanted hair regularly from your hands, legs, underarms and the bikini area can help you look well groomed. Also, getting it done just before your wedding may not be a good idea as doing it all of a sudden may cause rashes or cuts and we don’t want you to sport anything close to a rash or a cut on your D Day! We also recommend threading or tweezing your eyebrow area for getting those perfect arches.

#4 Eat well, exercise regularly and sleep

This may sound clichéd or even boring but you really need to do all of this religiously to look glowing. A properly balanced diet is essential for healthy skin and exercise and proper sleep can also help your appearance by leaps and bounds. In case you are stressed, meditate or jog or listen to music (whatever works for you) and manage your anxiety and tension. It is important to stay calm and happy to look truly beautiful and you can’t manage that without these!

#5 Remove your makeup before going to bed

Wash your face and remove makeup even when applied in a minimal fashion before going to bed. We also recommend that you follow the CTM procedure, brush your hair and hydrate yourself before hitting the sack.

Pedicures, manicures and massages too are important and incorporating all of these into your schedule can help you achieve the perfect look on your wedding day!

10 Hacks for Sari Draping that every girl should know!

Saris are an integral part of our culture and worn for almost every occasion! It is an exquisitely beautiful outfit that is available in so many different fabrics, prints and shades. From office wear, formal wear, everyday wear to party wear and festive occasions, there are multitudes of varieties that one can choose from. Not only does a sari accentuate one’s curves, it also is one of those rare outfits that is elegant and screams of feminine charm even from a distance. And yet, draping it around one’s body is not as easy as it seems for many. Read on to learn some quick hacks that can help you wear a sari in minutes and flaunt it in style!

#1 Secure the safety pin vertically

The fabric falls better this way and this is recommended even when you wish to pin your dupatta as well.

#2 For a neat pallu, pin the pallu before your shoulder

Pinning the pallu right on the shoulder could cause the pallu to look uneven or stiff. For a gracefully neat pallu, pin your pallu along your back rather than at the shoulder.

#3 Never forget to pin the sari to your skirt

For a safe sari wearing experience devoid of embarrassments, always pin your sari to your petticoat or skirt when you begin s=draping your sari.

#4 Go for colored pins and discreet pins to camouflage

It would never do for your pins to show! Choose colored ones for camouflaging them with the fabric and achieve that diva look.

#5 Secure that single pleat pallu tactfully at below your navel or hip with a pin

A single pleat at the top is always a pain! You may wish to show off your beautiful sari (and body along with it!) by draping your sari with a single pleat at the top. This can however be very annoying as the pallu keeps falling and managing it is a nightmare in itself! We recommend that you gather the sari and pin it around your navel so that it doesn’t fall and you can simply place your hands at your hips instead of having to hold your sari all the time!

#6 Pin your pallu at the end as well to keep it from going astray

Pin your pallu at the very end as well to ensure that it remains picture perfect and doesn’t cause any hindrance as you dance or move around.

#7 Wear fabrics that hug the body to look taller

Choose materials like georgette and go for smaller borders or preferably no border and match the blouse and sari to the same color to give the observer an illusion of height. You may also choose to wear heels (wear them while draping the sari for best results).

#8 Don’t draw attention to your waist line if you wish to appear slim

Go for heavy bottom work in the sari, choose wide neck blouses and wrap your pallu properly to look slimmer. Fabrics that cling to your body are good choices as they make you look slimmer. You can also accessorize with a belly chain or a hip chain if the occasion lends itself to it!

#9 Securing the pleats at the bottom with a pin is mandatory

Secure the pleats at the bottom with a pin in a vertical fashion so that the pleats stay put and cause no hindrance while you walk.

#10 Wear a brooch at the shoulder

Brooches are always in and out of fashion. However, you can make your look classy and make a fashion statement with an elegant brooch. Remember though that a brooch is worn just below the shoulder at the collar bone level and not vertically like your safety pin!

With these hacks, we hope you to help you drape your sari in perfect style and make every head turn wherever you are!

Simple Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Knees and Elbows

Black knees and elbows are very common amongst many of us due to various reasons. It occurs when there is a buildup of thick and dead skin that is caused by friction.

If you’re prone to black knees and elbows, you know how hard it is to actually get rid of them. Sometimes, no amount of scrubbing with soap will help. But there are a number of effective ways to get rid of black knees and elbows which can be done at home with the kitchen items you have. Let’s now look at a couple of simple remedies to get rid of dark knees and elbows.

Lemon scrub: Lemon has excellent bleaching properties and helps in getting rid of the darkness. Take half a lemon and keep scrubbing your knees and elbows everyday for about 15 minutes. Let the lemon juice stay for about an hour and then wash with cold water. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer after doing this to avoid dryness.

Lemon scrub

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe is great for the skin, and has been used for sunburns and other skin conditions. Using this on black knees and elbows will help to reduce the damage caused by the sun, moisturize, and help prevent further black skin from appearing.  Apply the fresh gel to your knees and elbows and let sit for about thirty minutes before rinsing it off. Your skin will look fresh, much smoother, and the darkness will be visibly lighter.

Baking Soda: Yes, you read it right! Baking soda can be used on your dark knees and elbows and it sure does a lot of wonders! Take baking soda and one tsp of milk it mix it well to make a paste. Apply this paste and scrub your knees and elbows in circular motions every day until you see very good improvements. Milk has bleaching properties and baking soda helps in exfoliating the skin for a cleaner finish.

Baking Soda

Potato and milk: Potatoes are known for its bleaching properties. It helps in getting rid of tan and the darkness on top of the skin. Take a potato and half a cup of milk. Grind the potato well and mix it well with the milk. Apply this on top of your knees and elbow. Keep this on for 45 minutes and then slowly remove it off in circular motion. Keep doing this until you find your skin colour improving for the better!

Potato and milk

Turmeric, Milk, and Honey: The combination of these three ingredients will do wonders to clear up black knees and elbows. The milk acts as the bleach, the turmeric as an antiseptic, and the honey as a moisturizer. Mix the three of these together until you form a nice paste. Apply to the dark areas and leave on the skin for at least twenty minutes. After this time, wet your hands and rub the paste in a circular motion for at least two minutes. Wash it off well and notice the huge difference in the color and health of your knees and elbows.

Besides these remedies, do apply sun screen before going out in the sun to prevent further darkening. Always keep your knees and elbows moisturized so that they do not get dry and cause dead skin formation on top. Aloe Vera can be used as a moisturizer when you decide to stay at home with your night pants. Also, use a scrub every once in 3 days to remove the dead skin.

Wonderful Tips for a Thicker Eyebrow and Eyelashes

Some of us are blessed with thick and long eyebrows and eyelashes which sometimes owes a lot to genetics. Eyebrows and eyelashes are both essential part of facial beauty and no one can ever get bored of a thick and long eyebrow or eyelashes.

As we grow old, we start engaging ourselves and our time into career and family related work that we eventually forget to take care of ourselves. Beautifully long and thick eyebrows and eyelashes sure do add a lot of charm and prettiness to your face. Here are some very effective and easy tips to grow your eyebrows and eyelashes long and strong.

Castor Oil: Castor oil is known to increase the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. Take a few drops of castor oil on your finger and apply it completely on your eyebrows and eyelashes. Leave it on for an hour or two and then wash it with tepid water. If you have sinus issues, then it is better to heat the castor oil before applying it on to your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Almond oil and aloe Vera: You need 1 tbsp almond oil and 1 tbsp of aloe Vera. Now, mix the two ingredients until well blended. Apply this to your lashes with mascara brush and keep it overnight. This is a tried and tested remedy. You will see the difference with one week of regular use.

Petroleum Jelly Vaseline: Vaseline has been used for generations to promote strong and healthy hair growth. Apply a small amount of Vaseline to your eyebrows and eyelashes then work your tiny hairs into place with your eyelash brush. For maximum effect leave it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning with tepid water.

Olive oil: Olive oil is known for hair treatment and it can also make your eye-lashes grow longer. Just apply one drop of olive oil on your eye-lashes before sleeping and keep it over-night. Wash off with cold water in the morning. Olive oil will make your eye-lashes fuller, thicker and will also add nice sheen to them.

Besides all these remedies, make sure that you follow a healthy diet with lots of green vegetables and fruits. Avoid using mascara or an eyebrow pencil when you are following these remedies for maximum benefit within a short period of time. Also, avoid sleeping with mascara on, as it can make your eyelashes really dry which might lead to breakage.

5 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

There isn’t quite anyone like mom with her unconditional support and constant presence. Mother’s Day is simply the celebration of one of the most important women in your life – your beloved mom and here are some of the ingenious ways in which you can celebrate this joyous occasion with your family; read on to learn more.

Give your mom the day off and plan a special day with family

It is your mom’s turn to get pampered and feel relaxed. Give her the day off and plan an exciting day for her either with family or just for the two of you. Set aside all your plans and treat your mom like the queen she is and let her know just how much she means to you. Your presence with her all day is all she needs to feel special!

Make sure that you plan a celebration

You don’t have to splurge (though if you want to, you very well should. After all, this is your mom we are talking about) or plan something exotic, a simple inexpensive celebration can do the trick. Pick a favourite spot or restaurant and go together with family to have some fun. It is the planning and thought that count rather than the amount of money you spend on this!

Try uniting all the moms in your family for some fun activities

You could also work at uniting generations of moms – grand moms, aunts, your mom and of course the younger generation mothers and plan some fun activity for them to do together. A barbeque, a beach party or indoor games – you could choose anything for that matter to celebrate all the mothers in your family and friends circle.

You could end the day with a special gift for your mom

You could surprise your mom with booking a relaxing experience for mom where entire salon comes home make her feel special with B’ Glam. This would be the icing on the cake for your mom and make the occasion memorable for years to come!

Donate to charity

You could also donate to organizations that help moms and kids; after all this is one way of honoring mothers all over!

Plan early, surprise your mom and make her feel celebrated! Happy Mother’s Day!

Kitchen Beauty Tips for a Blemish Free Skin and Soft Feet

We often wonder how celebrities have amazing skin all the time. Each one of us is blessed with good skin. We must remember that acquiring great skin is relied on our genes and beyond which it all depends on how well we maintain it. When it comes to flawless and natural beauty, nothing else can take the front seat except filling your beauty box with kitchen goodies.

Yes. You really don’t have to go expensive ways in getting the best skin so far on planet earth. All you need to do is ride the kitchen. It is the place where you can find solutions to multiple skin problems.

Our skin is often spoiled and taken a toll due to external factors like air, pollution, smoke and sun. And sometimes the harsh chemicals used in beauty products damage our skin to a large extent.

Here are a few simple home remedies suggested to have flawless and beautiful skin;

  • Mix half a spoon of lime with an equal quantity of water. Wash your face first in the morning with it
  • For soft and glowing skin, mix a spoon of lime juice with another spoon of honey. Apply it on the face. Leave for 5 minutes and wash
  • There is nothing as magical as a garlic. Cut garlic into pieces and extract the juice. Apply the juice on acne-prone skin. You would start seeing the difference in just few days. Don’t forget to wash the face after the treatment. Garlic might cause a little irritation on the face. If irritation persists, stop using it.
  • Neem and neem based products are boon to the world of beauty. Apply neem oil and massage on the skin in circular motion. Remove the oil stain from the face after 5 minutes. Neem helps in fighting bacteria
    Neem Oil Massage
  • Tomato is a wonder food and an amazing anti-tan solution. Cut tomatoes into halves and rub one part of the fruit on face. Refrigerate the other half and use it again in the night
    Tomato for glow skin
  • Mix besan of half a spoon with an equal quantity of curd. Scrub the mixture well on the face for 2 minutes and wash
    Besan for Face Glow

There you go ladies! Get the flawless look and shine high everyday.

Not many of us give the same attention to our feet like any other body part. More often so, even while moisturizing the skin, we tend to ignore the feet. Thus skin around the feet become calloused, dry and appears to be pale. Sometimes wearing a new shoe causes the bite and makes it a painful experience to walk.

One can easily evade the problem areas of feet if additional attention is given towards them. Every one of us long to have beautiful, soft and supple feet. With little effort that go in taking care of the feet, then there is no denial that you have the best foot forward to walk.

Walk like a princess and flaunt beautiful feet with these kitchen based remedies;

  • Apply coconut oil on the feet and wear socks to cover them before you hit the bed. This retains the moisture and you wake up looking at beautiful, smooth feet
  • Take 2 spoons of sea salt and immerse it in a tub, half filled with lukewarm water. This remedy helps in cleaning away the dead skin and particles
  • Olive oil mixed with coarse sugar acts a great exfoliator for the delicate foot skin
  • Take a spoon of glycerine and mix it well with half a spoon of lime juice. This helps in brightening the feet area
  • May not be found in kitchen, but always make it a point to apply sunscreen on feet before you step out
  • The combination of coconut oil and lemon juice does wonders to the feet. Apply the mixture thrice every week and start seeing the difference eventually

Take care of your feet. Happy walking!

Benefits of Using Aloe Vera and Sandalwood on Skin

“I believe the 21st century will confirm Aloe Vera to be the greatest  medicine mankind has ever known” – Said, Lee Ritter. Yes, this one holds truth and to know the benefits of Aloe vera, one can keep reading it throughout a day. Not only that Aloe vera is used for beauty concerns, it can also be given to those who struggle to cope up with emotional and physical stress. If you have an Aloe vera plant in your garden, it’s great!

Let us take a look at some of the useful tips of Aloe vera. Well, I personally felt that after having used Aloe vera for many concerns, I started noticing the difference gradually.

  • Mix Aloe vera pulp along with water and take it up first in the morning. It helps improve digestion and clears away toxins out of the body
    aloe vera for skin
  • Aloe vera with a pinch of turmeric, applied on face acts as skin protection towards harmful substances
  • Take a spoonful of Aloe vera and apply it on sun burn and other injury scars. It help to fade away the marks
  • Use natural products that contain Aloe vera. It helps calm the skin

There is another wonder medicine and this can be found in Sandalwood. Yes, close to Aloe vera in giving as many as benefits. I am sure you would have experienced the smell of Sandalwood (Chandhan) and it is certain that you will include it in your daily care routine. All of us love the pleasant fragrance it comes up with. Even though it is priced a little more than the rest, Sandalwood is vital to be bought for a lot more reasons. Here is how you can use Sandalwood for beauty purpose.

  • Ensure you take the real sandalwood from the stores and mix it with a little portion of rose water. This acts as a magic towards eliminating pimples away
    Sandalwood and Rose water
  • Sandalwood mixed with coconut oil makes the skin under eyes firm and reduces dark circles
  • Lemon juice mixed with a pinch of sandalwood helps tarnish skin tan
  • Sandalwood paste can also be used to treat itchiness and sun burn

One more important point! While shopping for Aloevera and sandalwood, make sure you choose the right ones as there are many as fake products in existence over the real ones.

Make your skin glow with Aloe vera and Sandalwood, today!