Shopping Tips to Choose The Right Kind of Lipsticks

Choosing the right kind of lipstick is as important as picking the perfect, well-stitched dress to wear with it. Yes, a wrong shade of lipstick colour can make it look horrible, given the day, occasion and tone of your skin. Time and again, in many of the beauty tutorials and make up experts round talk, the importance of right lipstick is stressed each and every time.

You spot a lip colour in shopping mall and your first impression about the colour is either always fresh and “haven’t tried before” thought. We must keep in mind that with the lighting effect set in shopping centres and certain bit of marketing strategies used to woo the customers go hand-in-hand in making the product likeable.

We must also ensure which colour suits our face the best. It is just about the basic rule. Dark shades blend well with fair-toned skin and the light colours go well with dark-skin. Going into the theory, let us look into the details of choosing lipsticks.

  • First and foremost, know the expiry date of a lipstick. This saves time and money in going for the next
  • Choose a lipstick that does not make your already thinned lips thinner. At the same time, anything that makes the lips look bulged artificially should be avoided
  • Try experimenting with lip shades as often. It makes you feel refreshed and you would like to see the new change in your appearance
  • Pink or other floral tones are rightly suited for fresh-faced looks. A beach party, kind of something
  • If you are concentrating on eye make up , for say, smokey eyed fashion, limit your efforts for lipsticks
  • Red lipstick is everyone’s favourite. There are different shades of red lipsticks. Go for maroon-red lipstick if you are wearing a light yellow dress and go for pure red lipsticks if you are wearing a black coloured outfit

Hope these tips benefit you in choosing the right shade of lipstick at the shopping centres. Happy shopping!

5 Inexpensive Ways to a Pimple Free Skin

You are all dressed up neatly, like a picture-perfect quintessential beauty. But, did you notice the little pimple that suddenly emerged out of nowhere? Yes, now this would certainly ruin the overall look of your ensemble. Pimples are a nightmare, especially when you have a big party the next morning. Stemming them off takes some time but with regular care, you can do away the pimples effectively. The urge to have a pimple-free, crystal clear skin is everyone’s dream and trust me it is easy to achieve.

You can hide with a concealer or a little bit of foundation dabbed on it. Otherwise, how long would it be required to fix the problem permanently? Nah, it won’t take as much as time. Want to know how does it work? There you go with the below tips!

  • Eradicating pimple starts with your diet first. Go for full-fledged vegetable-rich content in your meal. Not telling to avoid rice or wheat. Increase your fruits and vegetable intake rather
    pimple free skin home remedies
  • First thing in the morning, wash your face with lemon water. This brightens up the face and opens up the pores
    solution for pimple on face
  • Garlic is an effective remover of pimples. Squeeze the juice and drop it on the pimplespimple free skin home remedies
  • A tooth paste can be used to pop pimple in less than few hours. Apply a small quantity on the pimple before you go to sleep
  • Try not going for chemical based products until the pimples vanish completely. Walk bare-faced. Go for an Aloe vera or Cucumber moisturizer
    homemade pimple treatment

Along with these tips, I would suggest you to go for a clean-up once in every month. I got it personally done from B’Glam. I must say that the whole experience of bringing the pimples down was all worth the money.

Say “bye” to pimples and raise up looking beautiful all day!

Get Soft Hands with these Beauty tips

Some of us are blessed with baby-soft palms that go right through our 20’s, 30’s and no wonder beyond 50’s as well. But then for anyone, it does not look like it is easy to retain soft looking hands all the time.

As you know, we work almost 18 hours a day and our hands are exposed to different kinds of condition. Be it the soap/detergent powder or even cutting the vegetables. We cannot avoid doing these completely as they are necessities of our daily lives.

The Rule No.1 is to keep your hands as clean as possible. Never let the dirt get into the nails, making the hands look not so easy to handle.

Harsh chemicals not only make the hands look rough & tough but destroys the natural moisture beneath.  Take a look at some of the useful yet easy beauty tips to recover soft and smooth looking hands;

  • Massage the interiors of palm and hands with sandalwood oil almost every night
    Sandwood Oil for Soft Hand
  • Vaseline comes handy for people dealing with rough looking hands. Apply it on the hands and give yourself a quick massage. It heals dryness and leaves the skin soft
  • Make your own hand cream with a tint of coconut oil, milk cream and orange juice. These go to give you everlasting smooth hands
  • Always use mild soap to wash your hands
  • Rosewater mixed with a spoon of milk. Rub it on the hands. It is an easy trick
    Rose Water for Soft Hands
  • Moisturize your hands with a lotion as much as possible, may be twice or thrice a day

Combat dry and rough hands with these easy-to-get tips. Happy handshaking!

How to make the hair look like a dream on wedding day?

The wedding day look is incomplete without a properly groomed hair. Imagine you are done with makeup that makes you look like a princess and there you see on the sides of head, frizzy stands popping out. Might have been because it lacked moisture or not set well with hair spray. Reasons are ominous and can take a step backward for the perfect wedding day look. Well, if you start taking care of your hair a little more than before, you will definitely be having the greatest looking hair on your wedding day. Not only this, you can glisten with beautiful hair any day.

Hope you find the following tips useful:

  • Always use a mild shampoo and conditioner or rather a one that typically suits your hair type
  • Avoid going out in the afternoons. Even if you like basking in the glory of sun, cover your hair properly with a shawl
  • Lack of protein to hair can be destructive. Start taking protein and iron rich food in your daily diet. Stock your fridge with green leaves, pulses and eggs
    Pulses for beauty hair
  • It is better to not experiment a much before your wedding. Stick onto the regular products that you use for the hair
  • Get your hair trimmed nicely once in a month to avoid split ends
  • Make your own hair masks with honey, ripened banana and a little bit conditioner. Apply them on hair shaft
    Banana and Honey for Smooth Hair
  • Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar mixed with water. Keep it as the last rinse. This makes your hair look shiny and bouncy
    Apple cider vinegar
  • Coconut oil – The best oil for hair. Massage nicely with coconut oil heated a bit

Last but not the least, if you had come across something like B’Glam in Bangalore, then go for it. I am sure there is not too many that comes up with a home beauty service like B’Glam. Call them up today and fix your appointment for wedding day hairstyle, hair treatments  and lot of things!

Have a great hair day!

Remedies to Beat Stretch Marks and Cellulite

As you are all aware, stretch marks are caused by sudden increase and decrease in body weight. This can also due to pregnancy in women. Many of us suffer from those red/whitle/pink layers that look like skin scratches on top of the skin. Commonly found on thighs, at the back, around the waist and sometimes behind the knees. It is difficult to wade them off fully but there are treatments that help in removing them partially.

Chances are that you might opt for a laser treatment to cure them. On the other side there is an ocean of natural remedies to prevent them from coming back and also slowly making them fade.

Cellulites, one of the other problem areas that affect the skin, found on the back of thighs. These are caused by breaking down of collagen fibres and thus resulting in breakdown of fat cells on top most layer of skin. Mostly like cracked bumps. Again for this, there are a bunch of remedies prescribed.

Least one can do is to stop worrying about them as it has a natural tendency to erase on its own. But it takes a longer period of time.

Following are few tips that have been put into use for ages. Take a look;

  • Aloe Vera. Nature’s best remedy to lighten the appearance of stretch marks. Apply the paste on the affected layer in circular motion. Let it dry and wash after 10 minutes. This can be done twice a week Tips 1
  • Sesame oil/till oil has natural vitamin-E properties. This helps in soothing the skin and prevent appearance of stretch marks.
    Sesame Oil
  • For cellulites, you can try the DIY coffee scrub. Mix coffee powder with olive oil. Make your own proportion. Scrub on affected area with the mixture. This can be done once a week.
    Coffee Scrub
  • Coconut oil, turmeric (Haldi) and a little squeeze of lemon. This can be applied as paste on stretch marks as well as the cellulite region. It helps in lightening the marks
    Turmeric and Coconut

These simple procedures can make your skin stretch marks free and there you go, be happy and confident!

Pre-Bridal Beauty Routine for the Brides-to-Be

To look decked up with bridal accessories will prettify you more than you think. But to achieve the perfect base, there is something else. The one specific thing that comes your away and makes the skin look flawless on your most important day is Pre-bridal beauty routine. Beauty routine is an important attribute as well a well-versed instrument in preparing us to look good at any occasion. It has all the secrets to fade the blemish and vanish the skin woes.

Now that the “Wedding glow” has surfaced and make you blush an inch by inch, enhance it a little more and let him go awestruck with your beauty.

To all the beautiful ladies who are anticipating for the D-day, here are the vital pointers that you need to keep in mind before walking down the aisle.

  • Follow the 8:8 ratio. Ensure you get adequate sleep for 8 hours and drink as much as 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Stay away from electronic gadgets for a while (Yeah, it is understandable that he needs a reply for “I love you” message). Preventing electronic devices for sometime will let you calm down the body nerves and relax.
  • Ignore sun as much as possible. Tanned skin. Who wants it, anyway? Now think about it. Isn’t it another way to get your beauty sleep inside the home?
  • Wash you face with a mild face wash twice a day. Anything that has neem or lemon properties will make your skin loose zits and pimple.
  • More power to fruits! Glow like a princess in chariot with peaches and plums
  • Avoid chemical based creams and lotions to not let the last minute “Pimple pop.
  • Oil massage is sure to give you a heavenly feel. Go for a head massage at a professional centre.
  • Last but not the least, Smile. Keep the chin up and show your beautiful smile.

Now, let us look at some of the services that we get from other sources:

  • Body polish! It has the ability to create an envious glow on the skin.
  • Go for a head massage that utilizes the goodness of coconut and olive oil.
  • Threading is a must prior to wedding as it keeps your eyebrows in shape.
  • Get yourself a manicure and pedicure, preferably through a parlour service.
  • Facial helps improve the texture of skin by eliminating dead skin cells. Go for the ones that have Whitening and Anti tan properties.

Your pre-bridal beauty routine is all worth for the irresistible glow! And you can thank us later.

Reduce The Underarm Darkness by These Simple & Easy Tips

Dark underarms are embarrassing. They make us less willing to experiment a half-shoulder dress or sleeveless top. With these dark patches on underarms, it can also be deceiving factor and your confidence weakens overtime.

It is not a rocket science in dealing with dark underarms as there are a handful of beauty tips to help you recover from the uneasiness. Foremost, it is vital to start following the remedies consistently or otherwise the results take too longer than you imagined.

Make it a part of your daily beauty care routine (Day & Night) to get fairer underarms. Here is how you can suppress the darkness and bring the ultimate fair and smooth underarms.

  1. Prepare a homemade scrub of lemon juice (One spoon) and a little portion of natural honey, mixed with coarse sugar. Combine the mixture into a paste. Scrub it on the underarms and wash.
  2. Coconut milk prepared at home is one among the ingredients to give the best results. Add coconut milk onto a spoon of curd. Rub the paste on the skin in circular motion. And finally wash the surface.door step beauty parlour
  3. Aloe Vera and a pinch of turmeric does wonders. Apply the paste as a thin layer on the skin. Do this when you are at home, before bath and also during nights. Don’t forget to wash the surface later.Beauty tips from bglam
  4. It is good to use products in the market that contains elements to evade dark underarms. Always use a deodorant instead of perfume on the specific area.
  5. It is wise to stop going for a razor as it further darkens the area. Go for a chocolate wax to remove the under arm hair.
  6. Use a cotton pad to remove the sweat patches. This can be done during nights before sleep. In the morning you wake up feeling fresh and it doesn’t smell!

Aren’t these tips useful? Don’t let the dark underarms be a nightmare. Wear your favourite tunic top and smile!

Beauty Secrets for Long, Thick & Beautiful Hair

“Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love” – Says, Ademola Mandella

Who would not love to have hair like Rapuzel, but wait, not so lengthy as hers that dives onto the platform from a balcony. The evenly blown-out, flowy hair like that one could be the lifetime wish for any girl with hair care problems.

Hair is the best accessory a woman could supplement with a fine jewellery. Not just because she could flaunt her style, but to add a tint of beauty with the way she carries her dress ensemble. Gone are those days where we did not have as many as products, but just few things like coconut oil. Now, we have so many things in the beauty block, ranging from a dry shampoo to hair spray with different fragrances.

What we tend to do is blindly believe and end up using the wrong products. And then stress about how it ruined your hair. Not telling you to stay away from them but be choosy in dealing what works best for you. There are simple measures one can take to get long, thick and beautiful hair. Here’s how;

hair salon in bangalore

  • Clean your hair every alternate day with a regular shampoo and conditioner that can remove artificial remnants on the hair scalp. Dandruff causes hair fall and damage. Prevent them at base.
  • While some of us might have to deal with oily scalp and the others with dry, flaky scalp, there is little that you need to do. Visit a dermatologist and get the right hair care products in your kitty.
  • Warm coconut oil/almond oil/olive oil in a small quantity. Let it cool down for a while and start massaging your head with the fingertips. Don’t put too much pressure. Just a little massage is enough
  • Go for regular hair trims, for say once in a month to keep the hair growing as well to prevent split ends.
  • Try as much as sleeping on a pillow covered with silk material. This keeps the hair from falling too often.
  • Once in while, get yourself a hair spa. Indulge in the therapy for a complete relaxation to the hair, body and soul.

As you could see, not too many things on the list but clearly easy and effective enough to let you grow long and thick hair. Have a good hair day, as always!