Beauty Tips for Tired Looking Eyes

Isn’t it the greatest feeling when you hear someone say,” Damn, your eyes!” Now this is one of those compliments you cannot forget easily. Wouldn’t you agree? Beautiful eyes are a near-perfect reflection of your inner personality. Thank your genes, first! Half of it might be the cause of hereditary, coming from your dad and mom as a gift to you. The other half remains with the daily care you do to maintain them.

Bewitching eyes have the magnetic power to grab instant attention. The eyes can swell deep to unearth a lot of emotions with varied expressions. On the other end, tired-looking eyes call for a complete shutdown. All of us desire to have bright, dove-like sparkling eyes.

It just takes few minutes from your daily activities to get “Eyes of the Century” in no time! Read through the below tips and include them in your daily care routine as much as possible

  • As soon you as you get up from the bed, dip natural rose water in a small ball-sized cotton. Place it on both the eyes for few seconds and take them off. Witness bright looking eyes as the day goes on.
  • Rose water

  • Dip cucumber juice in a cotton ball and apply it on both the eyes. Rest for 5 minutes. The same can be done with a slice of potato. Place the slices on both eyes and relax for few minutes. These two have the ability to remove the dark circles eventually.
  • Potato

  • Take a finger tip size of castor oil and massage in circular motion around the eyes. This routine helps in curing puffy eyes and take away the heat waves caused by outside environment.
  • Turmeric mixed lime juice is a wonderful cure to dull looking eyes.
  • Remember to carry a hat/umbrella/sun glasses before you step out in the sun.
  • Nothing else can rank above than adequate rest and sleep. Get as much as sleep of 8 hours a day for refreshed looking eyes.

The above remedies can hardly take a few minutes in your day’s schedule. Start with them from today to revamp tired looking eyes into beautiful pair of eyes

Say Bye to Brittle Nails by Following These Easy Tips

“Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that make the statement.” – Said, Tammy Taylor.

It is true that our nails define one of the key aspects of our personality, the way we interact and it let’s us be poised.  Beautifully trimmed, long nails change the overall appearance of our hands. As you know it works well for mehandi and for the candid shots we give in front of the camera. The nail is one of the first things to get noticed.

Pale, dirty and unhealthy nails demonstrate poor habits in our lifestyle. Some of us tend to ignore the nails unless it gets into the scene and someone just tells you something bad about your nails. It then becomes a matter of concern and we start dealing it with cutting the nails and followed by washing the sides of it.

We often find ourselves in choosing the right colour of nail paint that goes matching with the outfit. Painting the nails with the coolest colours bring some sort of liberation and makes us carry the chic outfit with elan.

Besides the nicest things we do to our nails, it is time that we start caring for them too. Follow these easy tips and bid goodbye to brittle nails!

    • Heat olive oil in a small cup and warm the container. Later, soak your nails in it for few minutes and wash. Repeat the procedure twice over a week.

Image for Tip 1

    • Garlic has the strong ability to work on brittle nails. Apply the juice extracts of garlic and leave it on the nails for an hour and wash. This can be done during nights.

Image for Tip 2

    • Take ample amount of beetroot and pomegranate in your diet. These enable the nails to evolve in beautiful and natural pinkish appearance.

Image for Tip 3

    • Apply coconut oil on the palms and rub through the entire hand including the nails for a softer and smoother texture. This can be done every day.

Image for Tip 4

    • Last but not the least, MANICURE! Go for it once/twice a month. You will start loving your nails more often.

Option 2

While you follow these tips, see the difference in your nails as the time goes. Long & Beautiful nails! Get’em ladies!

Be Holi Ready!!

The season of colours has arrived and what else could make us immerse in happiness? Yes, it is HOLI time! The time of the year where we gather as one big unit of family and friends and let the colour splashing game enthral us with all positive energies.

As close as the event zeroes in, we must remember few things in order to prep our skin before and after the Holi party. After all the fun part of holi that goes in, the event cannot be compromised for any other reason!

Pre- Holi Beauty Ritual:

  • Make sure you use an oil free moisturizer thrice in a day. This minimizes the cakey appearance that ought to surface during festivals.
  • Make your own nourishing moisturizer with pure honey and milk. Apply the paste and leave it on for 10 minutes before you wash.
  • During the nights, apply a thin layer of night cream, mainly on the elbow and other dry areas.
  • While you play with colours, make sure you are adequately hydrated, wear sunscreen and apply a moisturizing lotion all over the body.
  • Carry an under eye cream wherever you go. Apply and massage the area around the eyes for a sparkling appearance.
  • Make sure your diet is filled with dry fruits, cereals and fruits. This makes you stay healthy throughout the festive period.
  • Once in 3 days go for a coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil treatment, all mixed together – Hot oil treatment works as an excellent hair spa therapy.
  • Put on your favourite nail paint and dazzle with colours
  • If yours is a colour treated hair, ensure you do not spoil much with the external colour chemicals. Go for a hair spa before and after holi.
  • Go green this Holi! Yes about the colour we are talking here. Use natural, dry, herbal and organic colours. So that it does not harm your skin as well the environment around us. #SAVEWATER #SAVENATURE
  • Wear loosely fitted t-shirts or windcheaters and soft fabric material clothes to not attract stains above a level.
  • Try not carrying your mobile phone around the party arena unless there is a necessity. Make sure it is covered with a case holder. And the fun part is no big game unless you carry a Bluetooth speaker along with you. #LETSPLAYHOLI

Post – Holi Beauty Ritual:

  • The party is over. So what’s next? Well, there is more that goes into after party. Relax and unwind through a full body massage. You can very well for a body polish to restore the beautiful skin.
  • Facials recommended for the Post- Holi season: VLCC Insta glow, Oxy facial, Shanaz gold, Lotus Platinum, Lotus Marmalade and Shanaz diamond.
  • After holi, the skin would have gone for a toss due to chemicals. Make a mixture of egg white and honey. Apply the paste on hands, elbow, legs and knees.
  • Make a paste of curd, honey and smash a little bit of ripe banana with it. Apply the paste on hair to restore the lost moisture and shine.
  • The importance of Manicure and Pedicure can be stressed beyond the peak. Go, get a Lotus Spa Manicure and Pedicure as soon as possible.
  • Use a good body scrub to wipe away the colour stain and patches.
  • Body massage with Olive oil can bring as much as goodness that your body would be thankful for rest of the life.
  • Your hair must have been battered with the colours. Go for a L’oreal hair spa. A head massage with Parachute coconut oil and figaro olive oil can make the stress adieu goodbye.

Let not anything dampen the spirit of Holi. Forget the pains and colour the city with paints! Have a Happy Holi!

Woman is The Best Creation By Mother Nature. And This Blog Tells You Why!

A woman is an embodiment of pure, real and natural beauty. She is an absolute personification of perseverance and patience. She knows her priorities well and has the ability to put others in front and cares for them a lot. She does not require any special recognition as she is up there like an angel from the heavens treating her near & dear ones with the same kind of love. She sets her boundaries well amidst all the craziness that surrounds her.

Right from being a classy and talented woman in college to the ever loving home maker plus a working lady, she has done it all and more importantly without a hassle. It is very well astounding to see the amount of hard work she puts in all the things she has to do, without taking the credit at the end of day. She would not be pardoned for the extra salt added to the potato masala gravy, but at the same time she makes sure it is well sorted then and there.

She makes sure she places her choices minimal and does huge tasks just to fulfil her loved ones’ list of things-to-be-done. She has no qualms, no complaints about the loads of work thrust upon her. She perceives her needs of her family and friends to attain the greatest importance. She may not care much for herself but that does not let her be in isolation. Given a chance sometimes, she puts effort to remain hygienic, well-groomed and well-maintained despite her crazy schedules. A woman is the ideal character gifted to the earth in all respects. She does unbelievable multi-tasking and sees everything is right and going well.

A woman is a collective energy of grit, determination, strength, moral power, care, love, sacrifice and a lot more things that one can think of. It is a woman who does a multitude of things and let her preferences and choices take a back seat succeeding the list from others.

Let us all stand together and applaud every lovely woman for her achievements to have stood tall, beaming with confidence. She is the real hero!

Body Scrubs – The Healthy and Natural Way to Glowing Skin!

We all desire for incredibly beautiful and glowing skin, always and at any point of time.  As soon as we start thinking which product works best to bring out the glow, our skin has already become tanned and lacks lustre. It is time for us to take the next big leap, and to put that extra effort in bringing naturally beautiful and sparkling skin. After all, our skin needs constant pampering to keep it healthy.

In a lot of ways, homemade, natural body scrubs add vitality to our skin and removes dead cells at the top layer. Turn the table, take a notepad and jot down the scrub recipes from the following;

Ground Coffee and Sugar Scrub – Sounds delicious to hear, isn’t it? You can use these in your daily routine before bath

Image for Tip 1

Mix 2 ½ table spoons of coffee with 2 table spoons of coarse sugar. Add mildly heated olive/coconut oil ( 2 table spoons). Mix it well. Use this as a body scrub twice a week

Sugar and Salt Scrub – Wow. What a combination!

Image for Tip 2

First, take half a spoon of coarse sugar and an equally half spoon of salt ( table salt ). Add few drops of coconut oil to it. Mix well till it becomes a paste. Coconut oil is the most inexpensive moisturizer with multiple benefits. Try using coconut oil more into your beauty regimen. This scrub can be used a natural face exfoliator

Oatmeal Scrub – More the ingredients are in your kitchen, it is easy to make scrubs.

Image for Tip 3

Grind 5 table spoon of Oats in the electric mixer, add some water to make it as a paste. Pour the mixture in a bowl and take 2 table spoons of curd, add it with the paste. Use this body scrub once a week. Soft & Smooth skin is what you own at end of the day

Gram Flour and Curd Scrub – This is one scrub that will give you instant results to feel and witness

Image for Tip 4

Take 3 table spoons of gram flour and mix it well with 2 table spoons of curd. Apply it on your face and body. Leave it for 10 minutes and pat dry

Noted down these, ladies? Enjoy yourself preparing these wonderful scrubs and relish the experience.

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The Right Eyebrow Arch for Different Face Shapes

The Right Eyebrow Arch for Different Face Shapes

Getting the perfect arch for the eyebrows is no hard task when you know what suits the best on your pretty face. Generally we go on a feeling that what is done in a parlour to our eyebrows is almost near perfection. Well most of the times, it is the case unless the parlour woman has had a bad day. The aftermath is badly trimmed eyebrows.

Leave behind the woes. Next time you decide to trim/tweeze/thread your eyebrows at the parlour, remember the basics;

  • Oval Face – Thick and dark angular arches leading its way to the temples can give the face altogether a renewed look

    Oval Face

    Long Face – Always remember to keep the length of your eyebrows high, but don’t make it so thin

    Long Face

  • Square Face – Well groomed, thick above the eye lids, gradually thinning its way to the ends can make the square face look aww-so-pretty

    Square Face

    Round Face – Get it going nice with sharp angles. It suits best for round shaped face

    Round Face

  • Heart Face – You can try keeping the ends extended and pointed out a little bit.

    Heart Face

Now isn’t it simple to know which eyebrow shape suits you the best? Yes, you now know how to nail it. Get your eyebrows done according to your face shape within the comfort of your home.