10 Hacks for Sari Draping that every girl should know!

10 Hacks for Sari Draping that every girl should know!

Saris are an integral part of our culture and worn for almost every occasion! It is an exquisitely beautiful outfit that is available in so many different fabrics, prints and shades. From office wear, formal wear, everyday wear to party wear and festive occasions, there are multitudes of varieties that one can choose from. Not only does a sari accentuate one’s curves, it also is one of those rare outfits that is elegant and screams of feminine charm even from a distance. And yet, draping it around one’s body is not as easy as it seems for many. Read on to learn some quick hacks that can help you wear a sari in minutes and flaunt it in style!

#1 Secure the safety pin vertically

The fabric falls better this way and this is recommended even when you wish to pin your dupatta as well.

#2 For a neat pallu, pin the pallu before your shoulder

Pinning the pallu right on the shoulder could cause the pallu to look uneven or stiff. For a gracefully neat pallu, pin your pallu along your back rather than at the shoulder.

#3 Never forget to pin the sari to your skirt

For a safe sari wearing experience devoid of embarrassments, always pin your sari to your petticoat or skirt when you begin s=draping your sari.

#4 Go for colored pins and discreet pins to camouflage

It would never do for your pins to show! Choose colored ones for camouflaging them with the fabric and achieve that diva look.

#5 Secure that single pleat pallu tactfully at below your navel or hip with a pin

A single pleat at the top is always a pain! You may wish to show off your beautiful sari (and body along with it!) by draping your sari with a single pleat at the top. This can however be very annoying as the pallu keeps falling and managing it is a nightmare in itself! We recommend that you gather the sari and pin it around your navel so that it doesn’t fall and you can simply place your hands at your hips instead of having to hold your sari all the time!

#6 Pin your pallu at the end as well to keep it from going astray

Pin your pallu at the very end as well to ensure that it remains picture perfect and doesn’t cause any hindrance as you dance or move around.

#7 Wear fabrics that hug the body to look taller

Choose materials like georgette and go for smaller borders or preferably no border and match the blouse and sari to the same color to give the observer an illusion of height. You may also choose to wear heels (wear them while draping the sari for best results).

#8 Don’t draw attention to your waist line if you wish to appear slim

Go for heavy bottom work in the sari, choose wide neck blouses and wrap your pallu properly to look slimmer. Fabrics that cling to your body are good choices as they make you look slimmer. You can also accessorize with a belly chain or a hip chain if the occasion lends itself to it!

#9 Securing the pleats at the bottom with a pin is mandatory

Secure the pleats at the bottom with a pin in a vertical fashion so that the pleats stay put and cause no hindrance while you walk.

#10 Wear a brooch at the shoulder

Brooches are always in and out of fashion. However, you can make your look classy and make a fashion statement with an elegant brooch. Remember though that a brooch is worn just below the shoulder at the collar bone level and not vertically like your safety pin!

With these hacks, we hope you to help you drape your sari in perfect style and make every head turn wherever you are!

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