Hair Salon Indiranagar

If you were looking for the best hair salon in Bangalore, then you’ve landed on the right page. B’glam is a futuristic home beauty salon that brings all beauty treatment right to your doorstep. When you are getting ready for an event, you go to a beauty parlour for makeup and hair style. As you have to travel to the place, you will have to plan accordingly and start many hours before the event and go to the salon. Then, you will have to wait in the parlour to complete your makeup and hairdo. After all that has done, you need to travel back to your place to get ready and then to the venue. In all this travel, you will be exposed to the pollution and dust of Bangalore’s roads and traffic. All your effort to get ready for the special event may even go waste as you battle the traffic to get back home.

Understanding the problems of commuting and pollution, B’glam – a unique hair salon in Indiranagar that offers home-based services. You just need to call and set up an appointment with us, and inform the time you need the beauty services. We will send an expert hair stylish and beautician to your address. We will do all the makeup and hairstyle right in the comfort of your home, and you just need to get into your party outfit and heed to the event. No tension! No hassle!

If you and your friends or relatives are planning to go to an event together, then you can also book for a large group with us. We will send our stylists based on the number of people that need the beauty services. Whether you want beauty treatment for an individual or a group of people, B’glam is there to support and help you out. No wonder, we are the best hair salon in Indiranagar!