Best Facial in Bangalore

Get a bright glow with these facials at B’Glam

We all must have experienced it. The first thing anyone notice in us is our face. By the look of it, he/she can tell you how we feel inside.  A dull face invites a lot of questions and more importantly girls will understand this – On a day where the eyes without kohl is called for doubts like sadness, sleepy mood and what not, a bad fever. Thus, it is an urge to constantly beautify one’s face to retain the glow discovered years back.  A brightened face is the result of many efforts that go behind the scene. Fruits, leafy vegetables, oil/cream massages have been in our daily care routine for days and months.

What not to forget is a good facial therapy to unleash the natural, alluring glow effect on the face. Facials improve blood circulation and relaxes the nerves. This in turn creates a glow from inside.

As we talk about facials, it is important to know the skin type (Oily/Combination/dry/normal) owing to after math of a facial. It is best to consult a skin expert/dermatologist to know the skin type and work things accordingly. Why because this will make the ingredients in a facial to react faster and let the facial skin benefit from it in no time.

After going through a facial, one should make sure that the skin is not prone to sun light immediately after the treatment and have no creams used for the next few hours. It is usually said that the effect of a facial will take a few days to bring the glow. But not all facials take this much time. Due to improved science and technology, the results are now instant. And good thing is that they are non-harming too.

Be it a college goer, working woman or a home maker, everyone wants to look at their best given any time, any day or any occasion. Facials are time consuming. Once you sit back and yield patience, the benefits are numerous. And you can yourself vouch for it.

We need to understand that facial is not a one-time treatment. It should be done on a regular basis. Once in a month, doing a facial is crucial. It helps retaining the skin elasticity, glow and suppleness. And it delays aging too!

If you are hard-pressed for time and cannot go outside to get a facial done, here is something that can excite you in seconds. And yes, it is B’glam, one of Bangalore’s leading beauty salon. Possibly the best facial in Bangalore is right up here at B’glam.

All you have to do is dial B’Glam and book an appointment today. The experts at B’Glam will come to your house to give the best facial treatment you can ask for. It is assured that once you experience it, you cannot stop asking for more and will come back to call B’Glam for another round of facial. After all, B’Glam houses the best facial in Bangalore!

Take a look at the facials offered by B’Glam. The list ranges from Clean up to Ant-aging and exclusive bridal facials.

  • Clean-up
  • Vlcc Insta Glow
  • Lotus Natural Glow
  • Oxy facial
  • Lotus Platinum
  • Vlcc-Skin tightening
  • Shanaz Gold
  • Lotus 4 layers
  • Vlcc Anti-tan
  • Lotus Marmalade
  • O3+ Whitening
  • Bridal glow facial and
  • Shanaz diamond