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Every bride looking forward for her D-day is filled with emotions, anxiety and excitement at the same level. She would have already started to feel the butterflies in her stomach. These symptoms are not rare but bound to happen as she anticipates the biggest day of our life. Having said these, it is important to take care of the skin amidst celebration revolving around the bride and to-be-married couple.

If you are the bride-to-be and excited as anyone in the house for the much-awaited wedding day, make sure you lend time for the health of  your skin and hair. It is a pre-requisite to undergo various yet not clumsy skin and hair care routine, not just few days before the day, but should be following ever since your wedding date got finalized.

Adequate sleep and water, healthy diet, avoiding exposure under the sun are all deliberate steps you would take for months together before the marriage. Not only for this purpose, make sure you regularly follow these despite the nature of occasion. Proper care for your skin is reflected by the glow induced by the skin.  You can look like a princess from the time you religiously start taking care of your skin and hair.

One more important step in the middle of the above said things is a good beauty parlour comprising of skilled professionals. If you are looking for bridal packages in Bangalore that include the bridal make-up as well, there is least amount of search that you can do. Because B’Glam is the go-to-get place for best bridal packages in Bangalore.

There are few bridal make-up that come in all thinkable and non-thinkable packages leading to a overly done make-up with only rainbow colours spread across the face, making it a horrifying experience. It is rather wise to opt for a better treatment and cherish the whole wedding day memories for the longest time.

On this regard, B’Glam falls into a category where it knows and thrives for the “Best bridal make-up look” you can possibly get. Not only that, the best bridal packages in Bangalore including pre-bridal packages are available at prices within your budget. And good thing  to know is all the beauty services relating to your wedding, can be availed pretty much within the comfort of your home. You give a call, the make-up experts at B’Glam are already at your doorstep!

As you know bridal packages in Bangalore are a plenty. B’Glam gives you a list of exclusive and customized bridal packages to choose from;

  • Bridal (Include Saree draping & hair-do) : Kryolan, Mac & Classic
  • Saree draping
  • Party make-up (Includes hair-do & draping) : Kryolan, Mac & Classic
  • Bridal hair-do
  • Simple hair-do
  • Engagement make-up (Includes Saree draping & hair-do) : Kryolan, Mac & Classic

Bridal Packagaes

Pre-Bridal Package (Instant)

  • Threading (Eyebrow+Upperlip)
  • Waxing (1 Time : Full body chocolate)
  • Facials (1 time – G)
  • Pedicure & Manicure ( 1 time – Classic)
  • Hair spa ( 1 time)

Pre-Bridal Package ( 10 days)

  • Threading (E+U)
  • Waxing ( 1 time : Full body chocolate)
  • Bikini Waxing (1 time)
  • Facials ( 1 time – (D) or any facial)
  • Body polish ( 1 time)
  • Pedicure & Manicure (1 time Spa)
  • Hair Spa ( 1 time)
  • Body massage ( 1 time)

Pre-bridal Package (30 days)

  • Threading ( E+U – Twice)
  • Waxing ( 1 time : Full body Chocolate)
  • Bikini waxing (1 time)
  • Facials( 2times (G+D) or any facial)
  • Body polish (1 time)
  • Pedicure & Manicure (2 times (Spa +Crystal Spa)
  • Hair spa ( 1 time)
  • Body massage (1 time)

Pre-bridal Package (90 days)

  • Threading ( E+U – Thrice)
  • Waxing ( 1 time: Full body chocolate)
  • Bikini waxing ( 1 time)
  • Facials( 3 times : (G+G+D) or any facial)
  • Body polish (3 times)
  • Pedicure & Manicure (3 times : Spa+Spa+Crystal Spa)
  • Hair spa (3 times)
  • Body massage ( 3 times)

Note : Any package and service can be customized as per customer preference.

Experience the best bridal packages in Bangalore now at B’Glam.

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